Cloud server hosting is a type of hosting in which services are made available on demand rather than being provided by a single server. Hosting services are instead provided by multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud.

In the past you would rent or purchase a dedicated server and install all your services onto it such as database, web server, DNS, email, and more. With a cloud server infrastructure you can separate each of these services onto its own cloud server that is specifically configured for each task.

What are some of the benefits of cloud computing?

Load Balancing

You can put your website behind a load balancer. The purpose of the load balancer is to take the request from the user and redirect it to the correct server. If you’re website experiences heavy traffic you will need to have it setup on multiple servers with a duplicate copy of the web page on each server. The cloud server controller will automatically create and take down new servers as needed and the load balancer will make sure the requests get to the correct server.


You can create a new server for each web property. If there is a security hole in the one of the web applications, having each application on a separate server will mean that the other properties are protected.

Scalable Costs

You purchase only as much computing power as required. If your web application is only busy during a certain month then you only need to pay for the services when you’re busy.

Global Infrastructure

Your web application’s files can be duplicated around the world. The load balancer or CDN will make sure that your customers are loading files from the server that is closest to their location in the world. This will decrease latency and improve throughput.


You can monitor each service individually and receive alerts if your server is responding slowly or has gone offline.

Less Downtime

If one server goes down, no longer will your entire network of web applications go down. If one server goes down, there are multiple other servers that will take on the requests as if nothing ever happened.

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