Why you need a website

Even if you’re not selling a product online, a well-designed website is essential for any business. An online presence will help people find your business and will improve your customer’s experience.

A website is like an advertisement in your local yellow pages or newspaper that never expires. In the past companies would spend thousands of dollars on physical media marketing. Now you can just make a relatively small one-time investment and you get a permanent marketing tool.

Your website is online 24 hours per day. It is an avenue for your customers to communicate and find solutions while you or your employees are sleeping. Posting a simple FAQ or a support system online can save you hours of support.

Purchasing a website with domain name will also give you a professional email address such as [email protected]. An email address such as [email protected] doesn’t really resonate with customers.

What a website should have

A typical business website doesn’t need to be complicated. As well as a clean and modern user experience, I focus on three key features:

1. Pictures

The first thing a customer should see is the friendly face of the business or desirable pictures of the services or product offered. A picture is the first thing a user will look at.

2. Information

A little bit of background about your business and what it can offer over the competition.

3. Contact Information

How to get to the store or contact someone if you have a question. This usually includes a contact form.

If you have a physical store it is important to post accurate hours of operation. A potential customer may just want to know if it’s worth leaving home on the weekend to make a purchase.

What should a website cost

I often get asked “How much will a website cost?” You can get a fully featured and professionally designed and developed website for as low as $1000. During the process Hutz Media Ltd will work with you through personal meetings and phone calls to make sure you get the website that your business needs.

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