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Reaching your customers with targeted advertising

Advertising on the Internet is a great way for your business to reach potential customers. If done correctly it can drive traffic to your website and increase business with a high ROI. The advantage of online advertising over traditional advertising is the ability to target your campaigns directly to your audience. There are many services available and you should make sure you are getting the most out of your paid advertisements.

Targeted Advertising

Using online advertising services you can create a targeted advertising campaign to reach new customers based various demographics such as location, gender, interests, and many more. Search engines can provide advertisements based on browsing history. Social media networks can place advertisements based on interests and hobbies.

Google Adwords

Google is the leader of the search based advertising services. Using Google Adwords you can create new campaigns based on search keywords. Google Adwords allows you set your daily budget, target demographics such as location, and target keywords. If you have a Google Analytics account you can also measure ROI by setting up conversion tracking.

Facebook Ads

If you’re looking for even more control over your targeted advertising campaign, Facebook advertising campaigns allow you to target people based on even more specific demographics than the search services such as interests, hobbies, age, and gender.

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