Services Provided:
  • Back-end and front-end website development
  • Custom CMS and PHP applications
  • Mobile application development
  • Database design and management
  • Server administration
  • Social media applications

Webstager / One Big Broadcast

Webstager / One Big Broadcast is a social media and interactive marketing company located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Webstager has provided Hutz Media with a broad variety of projects since 2007. Currently, we provide them with development, server administration, and technical consultation.

I was first contracted by Webstager to upgrade and maintain a web dating service website. Eventually Webstager's business grew, and I converted Photoshop web design files into pixel-perfect webpages (HTML, CSS, Images).

Soon they needed something more powerful for their website business. I developed a CMS that allowed one of their clients to make changes to the website using an in-browser WYSIWYG editor. This idea took off with Webstager, and we kept expanding on it until we had a full-featured CMS. The content management system, called Webstager CMS, was eventually expanded to provide mobile support, blogs, news and events calendars, user management, page versioning, and delayed page publishing. Users simply double-clicked on area of the website they wanted to edit. A window would pop up, they would make their changes and then close. The CMS I designed for Webstager provided them with new business and the company grew.

Webstager's web service eventually grew to the point where they needed more than one dedicated server. Webstager and I decided to upgrade their platform to many smaller cloud servers. This would allow them to continue providing services to more clients while reducing security risk. Server downtime and maintenance no longer took down their entire network. If one website brought insecure legacy code, the rest of the network would be safe.

Cloud computing provides a way to bring scalability, security, and reliability to your websites. Contact us to learn more about how the cloud can improve your website.

Cloud Server Room

The cloud improved Webstager's network by providing scalability, security, and performance. Contact us to learn more about how the cloud can improve your website.

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