Technologies used in development:
  • Front-end website development and design with HTML5, Flash, and Javascript / jQuery
  • Front-end website designed with Photoshop
  • Back-end developed with PHP with Laravel and MySQL databases
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Multiplatform mobile application development with Haxe / OpenFl
  • Promotional Video design with After Effects

Puzzle Command

Puzzle Command is an in-house project. I have personally enjoyed logic and puzzles games since childhood. After playing recent brain training games such as Big Brain Academy and Brain Age, I wanted to make a series of brain training games and release them for free for all to play. There a few brain training games available on the market with subscription models, and I wanted people to be able to improve their cognitive abilities for free.

Puzzle Command was a challenging project. I wanted to release it on as many platforms as possible without porting the code to each platform independently. For this project I used Haxe; a cross-platform toolkit. I wrote the games once and compile them to run on the Web (Flash or HTML5), Android, and iOS devices with a simple change in the command line.

The back-end was developed using the open source framework Laravel. The Laravel framework allowed Puzzle Command to be written in the Modal-View-Controller architecture. This also organized the code for re-usability and easier updates in the future. Based on the experience gained in this project I will be recommending Laravel or a similar MVC framework for heavy back-end driven websites like Puzzle Command.

Puzzle Command can be played on the web at, on Android, and on iOS.

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