Services Provided:
  • Back-end Application Development
  • Software Development Management
  • DevOps
  • Server Maintenance and Monitoring
Technologies Used:
  • PHP / Laravel / MariaDB
  • Go
  • Node
  • Ubuntu / Docker
  • Gitlab

Datz Solutions

Datz Solutions is a full brokerage operating system.

Datz Solutions is a software as a service application that provides real estate brokerages with the tools to run a full-brokerage business. This includes conveyancing, property management, commission payouts, and tax preparation. Datz Solutions can provide services for small and large brokerages with over 1500 Realtors®.

Hutz Media was brought on early in the project as the lead programmer. In the beginning Datz Solutions was servicing only one brokerage. Hutz Media developed hundreds of new features and set up a cutting edge development and production environment to support multiple brokerages on multiple servers as Datz Solutions expanded in the real estate industry.

When new developers were brought in to work with Datz Solutions, Hutz Media provided project management and code review.

Hutz Media also provides ongoing server maintenance and monitoring.

Server Room

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